To survive the rigors of the world of Myrradel, many players have allied themselves by way of clans. These clans are run solely by players in any way they wish: totalitarian, democratic, mercenary. Relations between clans are not always warm and fuzzy, with words sometimes resulting in clan playerkiller wars.

Clans, a gathering of player might and wealth, enjoy special privileges on Myrradel, including the purchase of a clan hall that acts as a private sanctuary. Clan halls can be upgraded and expanded, and come with a clan guard to keep the enemy out.

When looking to join a clan, it's a good idea to be at least level 10 - many clans have more stringent level requirements. In addition, do your homework on the people you'll be calling 'clannie'. Learn the clan policies, check out the clan website (if it exists). Know what you're getting yourself into - it pays to be informed.

[ Website: none ]

Clan Overlord: Donovan
Clan Chieftain: Vierna

In the no-holds barred world of Myrradel, a feeling of safety can be fleeting. For this reason, there is a clan just for new, low-level players called Innocents. Innocents will help new players get used to the atmosphere here on Myrradel.

Innocents has an open recruitment structure - any new player above level 2 that wishes to join is provided entry. Talk to the present overlord or chieftain (the people most likely to have the 'initiate' right) or any high-ranking member for information about joining the clan.

[ Website: The [SNG] Clan Web Page ]

Clan Overlord: Asylum
Clan Chieftain: Wretched

'Hey, what does SNG stand for?'

SNG is a secret society. It wouldn't be very secret if we told you that, now would it? Don't feel bad, though, most of the members don't know the meaning of the acronym either. We value history. History of righteous behavior begets initiation and then membership. Further righteous history begets secret knowledge and senior status. The process takes a long time. Those lacking in patience are generally lacking in sufficient mudding skill or maturity to join SNG.

SNG members are entrusted enough that there are only two true rules, in the common sense, to which a member must obey. Only one of these rules had been made public knowledge: membership in SNG is a commitment for the life of the character.

Interested individuals should strive to run with SNG members in order to learn our ways.

[ Website: none ]

Clan Overlord: Undraxis
Clan Chieftain: James

The denizens of Shadow emerge from their hidden enclaves and dark pockets throughout the realm whenever their kindred spirits compel them. They walk the back alleys and dark forest paths of Myrradel, choosing the arts of stealth and concealment over flamboyance and glory.

In a constant battle to balance the good and evil within their torn souls, some Shadows have been known to be erratic in behavior. At times benevolence prevails over malevolence, but from time to time, the inner demons tormenting each member surfaces to reveal the dark nature within. When not spreading good will or creating chaos, these creatures of the night silently return to their dark corners of the world awaiting their next opportunity to strike.

To be one with the Shadows, one must tread softly, speak seldom, and value secrecy above all else.

[ Website: none ]

Clan Overlord: Zoroaster
Clan Chieftain: Rune

The battles between the good and evil dragons have long existed since the creation of Myrradel. Hundreds, or even thousands were lost as a result in the realm of Myrradel. Even the greatest and wisest wyrms were not exempt from being slained. Their souls were not gone however, but were reincarnated by the neutral gods to strive and maintain the balance of the two forces in the realms.

Loyalty and honesty are criterias met by all members of clan Dragon. All members are encouraged in taking a leadership role in the clan, encouraged to explore for knowledge and aid those in need.

Divine Right
[ Website: Welcome to Divine Right! ]

Clan Overlord: Shayde
Clan Chieftain: Corin

[ Website: none ]

Clan Overlord: Jeron
Clan Chieftain: Yvonne

Black Templar
[ Website: none ]

Clan Overlord: Xaric