A large number of character classes are available for play on Myrradel, with each class and subclass recieving a distinctive set of skills. Click upon a class or subclass name to view a list of skills and spells given to that particular class.

[Subclasses: Illusionist, Sorcerer]

Mages can inflict enormous amounts of damage from their wide variety of offensive spells. They are, however, extremely frail, and can be easily defeated if attacked first. Mages are an advanced class to play - if you are new to the mud, you might want to try another class first.

Mages study the basic spells in the schools of Illusion, Enchantment, Mental, Divination, Alteration, Conjuration, Summoning, Necromancy, Invocation, Evocation and Abjuration.

After level 30, a mage may become a Sorcerer or Illusionist.

Barbarians, Giants, Goblins, and Halforcs cannot be Mages.

Mages require a good amount of intelligence.

[Subclasses: Avatar, Necromancer]

Clerics have mastered the art of healing. Through their great channels with the immortals above, they have an enormous variety of defensive spells to help with. There are, however, those clerics that have found their way to the darkside, and use their spells to bring forth the dead to bring havoc to the realm.

Clerics study the basic spells in the schools of Rejuvination, Preservation, Divination, Benediction, Necromancy, and Retribution.

After level 30, a cleric may become either an Avatar or a Necromancer.

Clerics require a good amount of wisdom.

[Subclasses: Berserker, Knight, Paladin, Ruiner]

Warriors are the hardiest of fighters. Using their great defense skills as well as multiple attacks, they make the best tanks in battle.

Warriors may choose to develop into one of four subclasses: Knights, Paladins, Ruiners or Berserkers.

Warriors require a good amount of strength.

[Subclasses: Assassin, Thief]

Rogues learn the basic skills of sneaking and hiding, as well as an arsenal of abilities used for deception.

Rogues may choose to develop into one of two subclasses: Assassins or Thieves.

Giants cannot be Rogues.

Rogues require a good amount of dexterity and intelligence.

[Subclasses: Druid, Ranger]

Foresters learn have special innate abilities which help take advantage of all that nature provides. Learning skills from herb lore to those that are possessed by the animals that roam the forests about them, Foresters may choose to become one of two subclasses: Rangers or Druids.

Giants, Drows, Duergars, and Dwarves cannot become Foresters.

Foresters require good amounts of strength, wisdom and dexterity.


At high levels, Monks are incredibly dextrous, achieving up to seven attacks. They have very low AC and as such can dodge very well. Monks have learned to use their body to its full extent, and as such make due without weapons or heavy armor (these can actually inhibit their fighting abilities). Monks are also the only class to master the use of their ki.

Monks cannot be Barbarians, Dwarves, Hobbits, Gnomes, Duergar, Halforcs, Giants, Goblins, or Pixies.

Monks require a good amount of wisdom and dexterity.