Berserkers are the strongest class on Myrradel. They inflict the most damage, but, frankly, are very stupid. Berserkers have a hard time landing attacks, but when they do, their victim will find certain death. Berserkers have various ways to increase their damage to horrendous amounts, but not without penalty.

Only Barbarian warriors have the innate fury to become a Berserker.

Berserkers require a good amount of strength.

Type 'help skillname' in the game for information as to the effects and purpose of each skill.

For instance, if you wanted to know what the level 35 skill 'enhanced damage' did, you would type 'help enhanced damage'.

Berserker Skills

Level            Abilities

30:                 search
32:               doorbash
35:        enhanced damage
37:                   rage
40:               headbutt
41:            groundsmash
47:                berserk
50:                   toss
52:                    pin
55:              battlecry
58:           quad twohand
60:              bloodlust