Type 'help spellname/skillname' in the game for information as to the effects and purpose of each spell/skill.

For instance, if you wanted to know what the level 10 spell 'detect invis' did, you would type 'help detect invis'.

Cleric Spells/Skills

Level            Abilities

 1:          miscellaneous               bludgeon
                    spears            two handers
               long blades           short blades
                     armor            cure wounds
 2:                 search        continual light
 3:                scrolls                 staves
                     wands                  bless
              detect magic                refresh
               turn undead
 4:           create water            detect evil
               detect good
 5:         cure blindness
 6:          detect hidden
 7:            infravision
 8:              blindness
 9:            cure poison
10:             earthquake
11:            create food
12:                   swim
13:          locate object
14:                 poison
15:           remove curse
16:          create spring
17:                    fly
18:            dispel evil
19:                  curse
20:               identify
21:              holy ward
22:                  haste
23:            dispel good
24:                   heal
25:               preserve
26:           cure disease
27:           detect invis
28:           dispel magic
29:         remove silence
30:        control weather

Upon reaching level 30, a Cleric may choose to subclass into an Avatar or Necromancer and recieve more class-specific spells.