Type 'help spellname/skillname' in the game for information as to the effects and purpose of each spell/skill.

For instance, if you wanted to know what the level 12 spell 'forage' did, you would type 'help forage'.

Forester Spells/Skills

Level            Abilities

 1:                   kick          miscellaneous
                       axe               bludgeon
                      bows                 thrown
                    spears            two handers
               long blades           short blades
            fencing blades
 2:                 search
 3:                   dual
 5:          second attack
 7:          detect hidden
10:                   swim
12:                 forage
14:                   hide
17:              set traps
22:         pass w/o trace
25:              herb lore
26:                  mount
27:      eyes of the night
28:                  scout
30:               barkskin

Upon reaching level 30, a Forester may choose to subclass into a Ranger or Druid and recieve more class-specific skills/spells.