Illusionists practice the schools of Illusion, Mental, Enchantment, Divination and Alteration.

Type 'help spellname' in the game for information as to the effects and purpose of each spell.

For instance, if you wanted to know what the level 35 spell 'chill touch' did, you would type 'help chill touch'.

Illusionist Spells

Level            Abilities

30:                pretend
31:                enlarge
32:          psionic blast
33:           displacement             hex vision
34:             powersurge
35:            chill touch        heighten senses
36:             wizard eye
37:        dazzling lights         word of recall
38:             mass invis           cone of cold
39:       inertial barrier      haze of delusions
40:           heal charmie       mass vortex lift
                brainstorm       phantasmal force
41:           mystic stone              group fly
42:     intellect fortress
43:             feeblemind
44:         enchant weapon
45:             true sight
46:                    awe
47:             stone skin
48:         phantom strike
50:                  sleep
52:             wildstrike
54:                   brew
55:                 scribe        chameleon power
57:           wall of fire
58:       remove alignment       prismatic sphere
60:        prismatic spray