Paladins are the holiest of warriors, obligated to destroy the evil in the realm. Arch enemies of the Ruiner class, the Paladin make use of his fighting abilities as well as his spells of the purest nature to bring peace and order to the world.

Paladins can only be a Human, Elf, Halfelf, Dwarf or Pixie.

Paladins require a good amount of strength and intelligence.

Type 'help spellname/skillname' in the game for information as to the effects and purpose of each spell/skill.

For instance, if you wanted to know what the level 35 spell 'angels fury' did, you would type 'help angels fury'.

Paladin Spells/Skills

Level            Abilities

 8:                  wands
31:                  bless
32:                  armor
33:              lay hands
34:                  blaze
35:           remove curse
36:            angels fury
37:            dispel evil
38:             confidence
39:            cure poison
40:            divine aura
41:       gavel of justice
42:                 rescue
43:   protection from evil
46:           hands of god
48:             holy altar
50:          angelic touch
53:               optimism
55:        holy protection
57:         heavenly armor
59:            mana shield
60:     shackles of purity