Rangers are outdoorsmen that have learned to live off the land. They have extensive foraging abilities as well as a better communication with the beasts in the realm. Rangers have a wide variety of skills, and are one of the most versatile classes in the game.

Rangers require good amounts of strength, wisdom and dexterity.

Type 'help spellname/skillname' in the game for information as to the effects and purpose of each spell/skill.

For instance, if you wanted to know what the level 34 spell 'snare' did, you would type 'help snare'.

Ranger Spells/Skills

Level            Abilities

31:                  parry
32:                 rescue
33:                  shoot
34:                 disarm
35:          double second
37:                  track
38:            speed shoot
39:                 ambush
40:                   tame
41:               untangle
42:              find path
43:               entangle
45:                   stun
47:           insect swarm
48:            multi shoot
50:           animal sight
53:                 dazzle
55:         feline agility
57:             quad shoot
58:          animal senses
59:                   blur
60:          call follower