Arch enemies of the Paladin class, Ruiners are one with the evil that brings chaos to the world. Only concerned with bringing destruction and havoc, the Ruiner is a warrior-like class with devastating offensive spells.

Ruiners can only be a Human, Drow, Halfelf, Dwarf, Duergar or Pixie.

Ruiners require a good amount of strength and intelligence.

Type 'help spellname/skillname' in the game for information as to the effects and purpose of each spell/skill.

For instance, if you wanted to know what the level 33 skill 'trip' did, you would type 'help trip'.

Ruiner Spells/Skills

Level            Abilities

 8:                  wands
31:            detect good
32:                 poison
33:                   trip
34:            infravision
36:           lance of ice
38:              throwsand
39:               darkness
40:               spitfire
41:       howl from beyond
43:   protection from good
45:                   fear
46:             acid blast
47:              kneegroin
49:       consuming flames
50:               eat soul
51:                 wither
52:       gruesome mending
54:                inferno
57:          satanic touch
59:                cripple
60:         shroud of fire