Long ago, when the world was young and the Nordwar's hatred had long since been quelled by the death throes of battle, the council of elders began to study the amazing gems left on Tyselorrd from ancient times.

The gems allow a person to harness the power of the internal crystal and focus it into a useful energy. This release of energy is in the form of spells. Each gem can be used for a specific element. Some rare gems can be used for multiple elements. Different spells use different elements to fuel the magic. Each gem holds a specific amount of mana, and when this mana is depleted, the gem implodes and shatters into thousands of tiny, unusable shards.


'Practice' without an argument tells you your current ability level in all the skills and spells available to you. You can check this at any time.

'Practice' with an argument practices that skill or spell. Your learning percentage varies from 0% (not learned) to a some maximum based on your statistics and class. You must be at a Guildmaster to practice.

Depending on the Guildmaster, you may only reach a certain understanding of a skill/spell through practicing. After that, you will learn the skills and spells through use.

The higher your intelligence, the more you will learn at each practice session. The higher your wisdom, the more practice sessions you will have each time you gain a level. Unused sessions are saved until you do use them.


Many of the game actions are based upon interval timers, including combat, most autonomous monster actions, hp/mana/move regeneration, spell duration, weather, and area resetting.

Of these timers, the hp/mana/move regeneration timer is popularly called the 'tick'. Ticks on this mud average 30 seconds of real time, but the actual amount varies randomly from 15 seconds to 45 seconds.

Area resetting happens roughly every 3 minutes if no one is in the area; less often (15 minutes) if some one is. Also note that objects lying on the ground will not be regenerated if anyone is in the area when it resets.

You can tell when an area is about to reset by special events that can be heard/seen throughout the area.