Character statistics define how a player matches up in battle against mobiles and other characters. As a general rule of thumb, higher statistics are better, and on Myrradel, all statistics top out at 25.


The intelligence of a character determines three things:
1. The
mana gain per level.
2. The ability of learning a spell/skill, in terms of the percentage of proficiency you gain per practice.
3. The mana regeneration per tick.

Although each race naturally believes its kind to be the most intelligent in the land, this is not quite true. Most -- like Humans, Drows, Halfelves or Hobbits -- have a rather average intelligence, while Elves and other Faerie races seem to have a slight advantage. And not to forget that mass overwhelms brain; races like Giants and Halforcs show an obvious lack in this attribute.


Wisdom might be one of the most important attributes for certain classes. It seems to be a combination of a character's judgment, enlightenment, willpower, and intuition. Along with that, it majorly influences the amount of practices you gain per level.

We all know that some people think they have eaten wisdom with spoons. It is true that some races do have a better natural wisdom. Maybe due to their close relationship to their deity, like the Drow. Other races, like Barbarians, who don't seem to understand the benefits of worshipping a deity, do show an obvious lack in wisdom. Those races with only average wisdom are Humans, Dwarves, and Elves.


Strength is a measure of physical powers, such as endurance, stamina, as well as pure muscle. It affects things like how much you can carry or how heavy a weapon you can wield. After all, how can you wield a weapon that you can barely lift off of the ground?

Of course the different races do have different levels of strength. Races like Giants and Barbarians have formidable strength. Others who do not have this advantage, but are merely average in strength, are Humans, Elves and even Dwarves. Races that have an obvious lack of strength are those like Pixies.


The attribute dexterity is built up out of different things, like agility, reflexes, balance and speed of movement. It affects things like dodging a blow or anything else that is achieved by movement.

Speed and agility are, of course, heavily influenced by the weight and stature of a character. It is not very surprising that Elves, Halfelves, Hobbits or Drows have -- due to their lean stature -- certain advantages over Dwarves, Giants, or Barbarians whose heavy weights and square statures prove not very helpful for this attribute. Of course those annoying flyers (like Pixies) and many other Faerie races have high dexterity.


Constitution represents things like character fitness and resistance. It is the stat that affects the hitpoint gain per level. Of course, different races show differences in this field. Stout races like Dwarves, Giants, or Halforcs have a certain advantage over races like Humans or Drows with regards to constitution. And wimpy bookworms like Elves and Hobbits are left behind when it comes to bodily health.