New Quest Information

A new system of quests is now being implemented into Myrradel.

There will be a variety of quests: exploration, world knowledge, fighting ability, strategy and more as the immortal staff comes up with them. Not everyone will get the same type of quests.

If you quest more than once, you are likely to recieve a different type of quest then you did the first time. As before, the requirements for questing are a level 60 character and 3 quest points. For the rest of the quest rules and guidelines, see below.

These quests are constantly being balanced as we see how well they work. There will be at least some immortal interaction in every quest for the time being (immortal interaction = interactive mobs).

If you successfully quest, you will be able to pick out a piece of quest equipment out of the set of four currently available for each class.

Applications for a quest should be posted on the Quest Board in the City of Myrradel.

We apologize for the slowness of implementation of the quests, but the new type of interactivity and roleplay we are gearing up towards take a lot more time to write and set up than the old riddle-answer configuration.

Constructive criticism, applications for quests, or any general ideas for the quests or quest equipment/affects are appreciated and should be posted on the aforementioned Quest Board.

Good luck to the questers,

Live Quest

What is a live quest, you say? Well, a live quest takes any and all participating, roleplaying players and pits them against opponents and puzzles throughout the course of a pre-written or spontaneous events, but usually not a pre-written ending.

Let me define the important points of a live quest:

One: Anyone may participate. Unlike character quests which only allows a solitary quester to take part, a live quests usually involves a *large* number of players coming together to overcome impossible odds. Very often, you will not get the opportunity to choose your fighting mates.

Two: Players taking part in the quest will roleplay. Roleplaying, for those who are new, is basically taking everything that happens at face value, as 'real' events. If a nearby gnome village is under attack by orcs and you have just been drafted by the gnome chieftain to fight for him, a roleplayer would move to seek and destroy his enemies immediately - not stop off and regenerate to full first in his clan hall, or refer to the main enemy as 'Wilco'.

Three: Although the progression of events will be loosely scripted and will follow a set path, there is no guaranteed happy ending. If the orc invasion force conquers the village, expect to see some changes in that area. Perhaps the safe rooms in the village will be removed for a while, or the newly confident orc troops will attack a human-occupied city like Rosemont next. You get the idea.

Rules aside, the point of the live quest is to let *everyone* have some fun in an unconventional way. We'll try to see to that - see you then.


Quest Rules

NOTE: The following rules apply to single quests, not live quests.

Rules for the Quester:

1. You may not ask others to help kill mobs for you to complete the quest. However, you may ask others for information.

2. You may attempt to quest for 4 items every 2 months. Each attempt will cost 3 quest points, paid immediately before the quest begins. Quests will typically run for 60 minutes, however it may be extended slightly due to the nature of the riddle.

3. You may not follow another person during your quest, or have other people follow you. You may not form a group to assist you in killing mobs or have the group lead you to areas. Noncompliance will result in slaying of all parties involved on first offense. Repeated violations will result in the inability for the offending parties to quest. For example, if John helps the questing Booboo kill a mob repeatedly, when John wants to quest, he can only attempt to quest for 3 items instead of 4 in two months. Characters may manually follow the quester, however they cannot attack any mobs in the area.

4. You may use all resources available to you, but you can only use the questing character during your quest. So if you are a Knight questing for a piece of quest equipment, you cannot log on your Avatar to locate for you. You may ask others to locate for you, portal, heal, etc. Other people may heal you during combat, but they may not join.

5. You can only quest for equipment for your class only, and all quest equipment is level 60. The new quest equipment will cost on par with normal level 60 equipment, unlike the equipment from previous quest sets.

6. At any time, you may ask the online Immortals to end the quest, but you forfeit the quest points you have already used to start the quest.

7. Should you die during your quest, you may ask an Immortal to do a corpse retrieval for you. However, the quest will immediately end at this point. Should you wish to do a corpse retrieval on your own, or buy your corpse, you may continue with the quest.

8. Failure to complete any part of the quest results in a failure of your quest.

9. You must run the object or kill the mob described in the quest. You cannot use your inventory, or other people's inventories to help solve your quest.

10. All judgements by the Immortal(s) in charge of the quest are final.

Rules for Non-Questers:

1. You may not assist the quester in killing mobs. If they are in an aggressive area, the quest has been designed to place the quester in that area, the mobs are there to act as an obstacle for the quester - all mobs in the area are not to be interfered with.

2. You may not use the 'follow' command to follow the quester. However, you may manually follow the quester along his quest.

3. You may not kill the target mob, obtain the target object, or complete a quest task on behalf of the quester.

4. You may portal, heal, spell up the quester during any part of the quest.

5. Failure to follow any of these rules may disqualify you from questing in the future.

Quest Equipment

In the interests of MUD balance, we reserve the right to change and fine-tune any piece of equipment listed below.


on body - the Tattered Robe of Deception
  +3 dam +6 hit +75 mana 12% deception AC5
wrist - Shimmering Crystaline Bracelets
  +4 dam/hit +50 hp +50 mana AC10 
hold - The Diamond of Diamor 
  Gives 3 new facets to prismatic sphere:
  1) polymorph. 2) damages opponents' equipment. 3) dispel magic 
  +4 dam/hit +75 mana increase to mystic stone
weapon - Mystical Weapon of the Ancients
  5d14 +7 dam +5 hit 7% polymorph
  Continously changes weapon form into random new ones.
  (ie. pierce to slash to pound to suction, etc.)

neck - the Pearl Necklace of Takshar'Zul
  +3 dam +5 hit +75 mana +50 hp -5 save vs. spell AC10
ear - the earring of the Void
  +5 dam/hit +50 hp +60 mana AC10
about body - Studded Cloak of Jewels
  +5 dam 
  Gives a 15% chance for Sorcerer aggressive spells to be irresistable.
  (Such as by resist fire, cold, or magic, etc.)
  10% chance to be unable to be resisted by extra defensive spells. 
  (sanctuary, holy ward, etc.)
weapon - Staff of the Stars
  9d8 +6 dam/hit. 7% mystical stars, 10% mana bleed


head - the High Priest's Diadem 
  +4 dam/hit +50 mana. 25% super heal
shield - the Caduceus Shield of Light
  +10 dam +100 mana -20 AC super-sanctuary
weapon - Holy Rod of Light
  11d6 +6 dam/hit 1% flamestrike, 1% call lightning, 5% hpburn
  (converts 50 hps to 50 mana, will not work if current hps fall short
  of 300)
feet - Sandals of the Guardian Angel 
  4 dam/hit, +150 mana AC15

neck - An Intricately Knit Necklace of Bones 
  +3 hit +5 dam +100 mana AC5
gloves - Hands of the Undead 
  +5 hit/dam +75 hps -3 save vs. spell AC10
bracelet - Bracelets of Decaying Flesh 
  +3 dam/hit. +50 mana.
  10% tainted hands
  Gives off an automatic 5% chance of automatic plague in the same room 
  as the necro. This enhanced plague will also subtract hps, mana, 
  damroll, and hitroll from the sick for a limited amount of ticks. 
  Necros can activitate/deactivate by casting 'plague' bracelets once 
  to activate, and again to deactivate.
weapon - Mace of Lost Souls
  14d5 6 hit/dam, 11% devour soul
  Increases % chance of getting a heart from kills.


gloves - Nargoth's Bloody Gauntlets 
  +7 dam/hit, +100 hps. AC10
head - Uglok's Spiked Helm 
  +7 dam, +150hp. 100% might
feet - Stone Cold Boots 
  +8 dam +3 hit
weapon - Hammer of Unmitigated Fury 
  2d36 +8 dam +10 hit, 5% haste, two-handed

body - Breastplate made from Dragon Scales 
  +4 dam/hit AC20 50% resist fire, 5% super defense
  (i.e. against circles, slashes, kicks, trips, stuns, etc.)
shield - Shield of the Phoenix Hawk 
  7 dam/hit 30AC 6% phoenix hawk
weapon - Gleaming Lance of Honor  
  7d10 +8 dam +6 hit 9% fireball
wrist -  the Bloodstained Band of Damian
  +5 dam +7 hit +75 hps AC20 

light - Aura of Blinding Light 
  HOLY, Allows % true sight affect on rooms ONLY based on their align.
  +5 dam +50 mana +50 hps
on body - an Ivory Inlaid Breastplate
  +5 dam +5 hit
  AC is variable based upon the Paladin's alignment.
  Lowest bonus when caster is at highest align level, and vice versa. 
  Allows the effect of the Paladin's version of sanctuary to work 
  against those of neutral alignment.
weapon - Halberd of Righteousness
  4d18 +7 dam/hit 10% righteousness
leggings - Glowing Emerald Legplates 
  +6 dam +4 hit, +25 hp +75 mana. AC10

about body - Glistening Robes of Darkness 
  Doubles the damage of kneegroin, increases hit percentage by 5.
face - the Scowl of Darkness 
  +6 dam +4 hit. +25 hp.
  Makes every room the ruiner walks into automatically dark for others. 
  Once he walks out, it is no longer dark.
weapon - Flaming Sword of Destruction
  3d25 +7 dam/hit 10% mayhem
finger - Demon-shaped Ring of Cruelty 
  +5 dam/hit 25% infra +50 hp AC5

about - Cape of Dancing Shadows 
  +6 dam +3 hit 50% !portal 
face - Veil of Illusions  
  +5 dam/hit AC10 25% enhanced slash
weapon - Blade of the Angel of Death
  6d10 +8 dam
  Increases bingo percentage by 3%. 
hands - Jetblack Obsidian Gauntlets 
  +5 dam/hit +100 hps AC15

feet - Tomb Raider's Boots  
  +4 dam/hit +150 hp.
  Gain 5% shadows (indetectible to true sight).
about - Shroud of Obscurity 
  +3 dam +5 hit +50 hp AC5
  90% !wizeye
weapon - Thieving Shard of the Shadows 
  6d10 +8 dam +6 hit. 7% shard
Wrist - Darkened Manacles of Crime 
  +6 dam +3 hit +75 hp AC20


face - Mask of the Cataclysm 
  +6 dam +5 hit
  +200 hps and -50 AC to air elementals.
  (When they make it, if they have this item.)
weapon - Ailerag's Staff of the Woods
  4d18 +6 hit/dam insect swarm by 10
  +200 hps and -50 AC to water elementals.
  (When they make it, if they have this item.)
about body - the Aura of the Sages
  +5 dam +3 hit +50 hp +100 mana AC10
arms - Elvish Sleeves of the Forest 
  +7 dam +2 hit +50 mana AC15

feet - Boots of Stride 
  +4 dam +6 hit. +50 hp, +100 mvs. 75% forestwalk
  (Any rooms flagged forest require 0 moves, no mob in a room flagged
  forest will aggro the Ranger.)
neck - Chameleon's Amulet 
  +6 dam/hit +100 hp
  50% Chameleon Power
weapon - Garelia's Staff of the Woods 
  4d18 +6 hit/dam 10% moonbeam
earring - a Loop of Woven Grass 
 +7 dam +4 hit +125 hps AC15


on body - Robes of Austerity 
  +6 hit +3 dam +5 ki
  Gives monks ki-defense. With this, a monk will have a 5% chance to
  "counterattack" any attack done to them, doing 1/4th of the damage 
  in return.
feet - Unfettered Sandals of Simplicity
  +5 dam/hit +25 hps +1 ki
  Increases the hit percentage of all "kicked" monk attacks by 10%.
waist - Belt of Humility
  +7 hit +5 dam +50 hp +5 ki AC5
hat - A Simple Cloth Hat
  +6 dam/hit +10 ki AC10