Typing 'socials' within the game shows you all of the social commands available to you. Socials get across emotions and actions that would lose impact if you had to 'say' them.

Myrradel allows its playerbase and visitors from the Web the option to submit socials via a Web-based form. If you've got an idea for a good one, click away to submit a social. Optionally, you may also view our list of social submissions.

Myrradel's Socials

accuse      ack         addict      agree       airguitar   apologize   
applaud     awe         banzai      bark        batgirl     batman      
bearhug     beckon      beef        beer        beg         bitch       
bkiss       blah        bleed       blindfold   blink       blow        
blush       boggle      bonk        boogie      bore        boss        
bottle      bounce      bow         brb         brush       bully       
bungy       burp        bye         cackle      cannonball  caress      
catnap      challenge   cheer       chekov      cherish     chortle     
chuckle     clap        clue        clueless    coffee      coke        
comfort     console     cough       cower       cringe      crush       
cry         cuddle      curse       curtsey     damn        dance       
deth        disgust     dive        dizzy       doc         doh         
drool       duck        embrace     erf         eskimo      eyebrow     
faint       fakerep     fart        finger      flash       flex        
flip        flirt       flutter     fondle      french      frown       
fume        gag         garth       gasp        gawk        german      
ghug        giggle      glare       goose       grimace     grin        
groan       grovel      growl       grumble     grunt       gump        
gurgle      halo        hand        handcuff    hangover    happy       
heh         hello       hero        highfive    highlander  hip         
hmm         holdon      hologram    hop         howl        hug         
hum         hump        icecube     impale      interrogate invite      
iwhistle    jig         jsave       jump        kiss        lag         
laugh       lick        listen      love        maim        marvelous   
massage     mcfly       mentos      meow        mmm         moan        
mooch       moocow      moon        mosh        muhaha      mutter      
mwalk       nail        nasty       ni          nibble      nod         
noogie      nose        nudge       nuke        nuzzle      ogle        
ohno        oink        ooo         pace        pain        panic       
pat         peck        peer        phaser      pinch       ping        
point       poke        ponder      pose        possum      potato      
poupon      pout        prance      propose     pucker      puke        
punch       purr        push        quiet       raiden      raise       
rant        reassure    renandstimpyrofl        roll        rub         
ruffle      russian     sad         salute      scold       scratch     
scream      seduce      shake       shiver      shrug       sigh        
sing        skip        slap        slobber     smile       smirk       
smoke       smooch      snap        snarl       sneeze      snicker     
sniff       snore       snort       snowball    snuggle     sodomize    
sorry       spam        spanish     spank       spaz        spin        
squeal      squeeze     squirm      squish      stare       stickup     
stretch     strip       strut       sulk        surf        surrender   
swear       sweep       swoon       tackle      tango       tap         
tender      thank       think       throttle    tickle      timeout     
tip         tongue      torture     triumph     tummy       tweety      
twiddle     twitch      type        wave        wedgie      whine       
whistle     wiggle      wince       wink        wish        worship     
wrap        yabba       yahoo       yawn        yeehaw      hiccup      
rape        pimp        whew        aol         ratbastard  woohoo      
pant        praise      whimper     hail        brainstorm  shutup