Developments and game features that have been recently implemented onto Myrradel of note will find their way on to this page. A more reliable source up-to-date news, however, can be found by entering the command 'help motd' at the prompt while within the game. Myrradel is found on, port 4000.

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Game News, Updates

[Aug. 21, 2001]
As a result of major class rebalancing, new coding and the impending shutdown of sister MUD Alhazi Invasion, the Realms of Myrradel MUD has wiped its playerfiles (pwipe) and restarted. Many areas and special features that made AI unique will be phased in to Myrradel. We hope to welcome players and immortal staff from AI to Myrradel to enjoy this fresh start with us.

Few notes: Trolling old player names is highly frowned upon. Clanhalls and assets from Myrradel have been reduced to the minimum but *have* been preserved, contact an implementor on reclaiming your clan assets. Additionally, Alhazi Invasion overlords/chieftains may contact Raiden on Alhazi Invasion to arrange for your AI-based clan assets to be transferred over to Myrradel.

The immortal staff is *extremely* busy at this time but will be online as much as possible in the coming period of change. If you have a particularly detailed question or comment to make, please use e-mail

Let the race to level 60 begin anew!

Myrradel, though staffed with some of the finest quality implementors, builders and coders around, is an ever-expanding project and thus never completely bug-free. Players may use the
Bug Report Form provided to them to submit information about bugs they may have come across.

Live quests, both small-scale and large, have begun to take form in the game. For the most part, live quests will be immortal-ran and hold no risk to your character. If a live quest offers the danger of a real death (commonly referred to as an 'rkill'), you should be notified beforehand. If in doubt, ask!

A live quest takes any and all participating, roleplaying players online the MUD and pits them against opponents and puzzles throughout the course of a series of pre-written or random events. Click for more information on live quests.

Real-world general knowledge trivia sessions continue to be held on Myrradel roughly every other week on Thursday or Sunday night, 19:00 game time. For information on whether trivia will be held this week or the next, consult the world board in Myrradel - advance notice will be given. Self-proclaimed know-it-alls not currently playing on Myrradel are welcome to stop by and take part in the fun.

Web Page Updates

[Aug. 21, 2001]
Major revamping of website content to reflect code changes that have occurred on Myrradel since the last update.

All old MUD and website news entries moved to the news archive. Old news can also be read online by typing "help news".

We require information on the clans of Myrradel in order to make it available on these web pages. Overlords/chieftains/clan PR guy, please include the following:

- The name of your clan
- The URL to your clan website, if any
- The name of your overlord and chieftain
- A short description of your clan, maximum 150 words

E-mail this information off to

As you might've noticed, the information on Myrradel's web page has been greatly expanded, both to help existing players understand the world they play in more depth, and to help prospective players evaluate the place from the comfort of the Web.

The general aim here now, having already proceeded through a slight redesign and shuffling of content, is to completely mirror up-to-date helpfiles already in the game.

Like to see all of Myrradel's old news updates in one master list? Click to visit the news archive.

Want to view an orderly list of all the information available of Myrradel's web pages? Consult the site tree.